Tips to strengthen the immune system

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Your immune system is an important component of maintaining overall good health. The immune system helps defend us against potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and other microbes that we’re constantly coming into contact with throughout our lives.

As we mature our immune system has had more time to come in contact with many germs. To an extent, this makes us immune to them and as a result, adults tend to get fewer colds and illnesses than children. However with the large number of viruses that are evolving, even as adults we can still succumb to illness. Factors such as stress and a poor diet can both have an impact on how well our immune system functions.

Having an immune system which can respond quickly and effectively to invading microbes means we’re less likely to become ill.

Strengthen your immune system with these helpful tips:

  • Adopt healthy living strategies:1
  • Nutritional support could include:
    • Vitamin C ‐ an antioxidant and supports immune function. It’s been shown to support both the production and function of white blood cells (immune cells).
    • Echinacea – an herb that has long been used to support the immune system. It may help to reduce the frequency of ills and chills, it may also help reduce the duration and severity of the symptoms.
    • Zinc – a mineral involved in many chemical reactions that are important for normal body functioning. It supports antioxidant systems and helps maintain healthy immune function.
    • Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help improve nutritional and microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract. They also help to maintain a healthy immune system and immune response.

    • Published June 13, 2014
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