Benefits of fish oil

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How is fish oil helping my body to work, think and feel better?

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids including EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) that have a number of health benefits for our bodies.  Interest in omega-3 fatty acids stemmed from the observation that Greenland Inuits had unusually good heart health, despite a high fat diet. This was attributed to the fact that their diet was high in omega‐3 rich fish and other seafood and relatively lower in saturated and other fatty acids.1 Since then fish oil has been extensively researched and found to have a wide range of benefits, not limited to heart health.

  • Pregnancy and infants – Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, particularly DHA, are required during pregnancy and lactation for normal development and function of the growing baby’s eyes and brain.
  • Childhood development– Omega-3 plays a critical role in brain development and function, it may help with cognitive performance, including mental clarity and focus , in some children. Omega-3 from fish oil may also help with behaviour.
  • Joints and arthritis – Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil help maintain joint health and mobility.
  • Brain support – The benefits of fish oil for brain health don’t stop in childhood, but rather continue to play an important role in the healthy functioning of our brains and nervous systems throughout life. Fish oil may support cognition and mental clarity, mood balance and irritability.
  • Heart health – Thanks to the Greenland Inuits, we are now aware of the heart health benefits of fish. Current research suggests that fish oil may help maintain a healthy cholesterol level, normal blood pressure and healthy triglycerides within the normal range, in healthy individuals. Fish oil may also help to maintain the flexibility of blood vessels to promote healthy blood flow around the body.

Fish oil for all bodies

Nature’s Own™ have a fish oil supplement to suit virtually everybody’s needs. If fish oil capsules are a little difficult for you to swallow, then a liquid fish oil supplement might be more your style.  Do you have multiple concerns, but don’t want to take multiple capsules? Then you might prefer a one‐a‐day Concentrated Fish Oil or 2000mg Fish Oil capsules for your health needs. Are you affected by fishy reflux?  Then one of our ‘odourless’ products might be the best fish oil for you to avoid fishy aftertaste. Do you want a one‐a‐day, all in one omega-3 product to support your heart, joints and brain? If so, then Nature’s Own™ Omega Platinum might be the right choice for you. Whatever your concern, there is sure to be a fish oil product in our range to help your body work, think and feel at its best.

Always read the label. Use supplements only as directed.

Published June 22, 2013
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