While not all products within this category have a unified teal label for quick identification, they should be located within the Multivitamin category in store, making it easier for you to identify a Nature’s Own Multivitamin. This category includes products such as Mega Potency Men’s Multivitamin & Women’s Multivitamin; Multivitamin Plus Fish Oil; Balance+ Glow Multivitamin and our Mega Potency 50+ Years Multivitamin. We’ve also developed new active ingredient icons so you know at a glance what you’re getting in your Multivitamin.


Multivitamin Plus Fish Oil

You might know this product as: Multivitamin Plus Omega-3 Fish Oil

To help you find Nature’s Own Multivitamin Plus Fish Oil with its smart new packaging, look for our new dark green bottle with a teal and silver label in the Multivitamin category at your local stockist.

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