Why Choose Us?

Proudly made in Australia

From source to shelf, we strictly control the development of over 70 products, to quality standards unsurpassed in Australia at our world-class facility.

Our commitment to your health

Nature’s Own began in 1975 with a passion for life and a desire for optimal health to enjoy it. Today Nature’s Own can be found in over 1.4 million Australian and New Zealand households.

Our mission is to make your body the best it can be by providing potent, vitamin and mineral supplements that combine the very best of nature with the latest in nutritional science. We are committed to investing in research and clinical studies in order to bring you the very latest developments in natural health.

Inspired by nature. Backed by evidence.

We understand the traditions of Natural Medicine and combine these with the latest evidence in Nutritional Science to carefully craft each formula. Then we select premium ingredients, which we can scientifically validate in our leading edge laboratories on-site in Brisbane, Australia. So with Nature’s Own, you can be confident you are choosing innovative, quality health solutions that work.

Quality guaranteed

We believe our quality control processes are unsurpassed in Australia. We employ over 50 scientists, formulators and quality control experts and can test our ingredients and products down to a molecular level, with our unique state-of-the-art technology. Unlike many other major brands, we manage the complete manufacturing process, from source to shelf, so we know exactly what goes into every bottle of Nature’s Own.

We won’t compromise on quality and proudly guarantee the integrity and quality of our products – because you can’t put a price on good health!

Did you know?

  • At Nature’s Own we understand how bodies work and are experts in understanding the body of evidence behind out products. We critically analyse the work published by scientists around the world and don’t accept anything we read at face value. We look at how clinical trials were designed and weigh them up on your behalf.
  • We are Australia’s largest vitamin maker with a best in class research, manufacturing and packaging centre in Brisbane.
  • Our product development process starts, not at a desk or in a lab, but with you and how you live. We believe true innovation can only be discovered by walking in the shoes of the people who purchase and take our products. We go into peoples homes or go shopping with them to see how they go about their daily lives and routines and discuss what they may want and need from their natural health products. We call it ‘immersion’ and by experiencing how you, our customers’, live, shop & take our supplements we see first-hand where we can make a genuine difference with new innovation.